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It also comes with some cool high tech features that Nest products are known for, like a single device that works as a door and window sensor, motion detector, and lighting. I am locked in with xfinity home on a contract, but had a break in with 7 men with guns and my husband was shot at but was unharmed, thank god. But xfinity home is yet to call and check on the door being broken down with frame and all, even though the alarm was not turned on. I would think a big company such as this one would do a weekly or daily check in for any unusual activity such as our door showing being tampered with for almost a week now. Tech support is telling me no company monitors for this type of activity ever. I am shopping around and looking for a company who does care about their customers safety and well being.

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As for the negative reviews, Vivint has made great strides to address these concerns.

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It was wired by a professional company for a security system and then ADT gave me the state of the art system to keep my home safe.

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