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Some systems require you to purchase all the equipment upfront, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, once you have the equipment, monthly fees are relatively low. You also have to look out for installation fees. Many systems today offer a do it yourself DIY option, which means you won’t have to pay an installation fee at all. However, there are still companies out there who require professional installation. If you are interested in one of these providers, keep your eye open for special deals.

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Start from the exterior and work your way in much like a robber would do.

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The reason I say 12 over any other is because a 12 gauge is easily the most common.

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WH Security is a Minnesota based security system company established in 1989 by one of the state's largest electric cooperatives, Wright Hennepin Electric.

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There’s some debate when it comes to displaying security signs in front of a home.